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Best Massage I have ever had. -F. K.

Excellent Service! -E. D.

I sought out Jen (Coyne) for a massage. I could easily go to a salon (or spa) for a massage but it does not compare to Jen (Coyne's) work. Being an athlete like Jen (Coyne) knows the right points (to massage). Her knowledge of muscles (and) athletic issues brings a sharp aspect to her work. She has helped me tremendously with being aware of my muscle problems and she work(s) on anything that is needed. She is great I won't get a massage elsewhere!!! -GR

Once again, I leave here (Awaken Wellness) feeling terrific! You truly have a gift! Many thanks. -DW

Everyone (at Awaken Wellness) is very friendly, which created a welcoming environment. I definitely plan to return. -P. L.

After close to a year of fertility issues and dealing with a crazy cycle, I decided to try fertility acupuncture in order to help me get pregnant and found Jen. With her patient guidance and helpful treatments my cycle became regulated enough to try IUI. We met with her before and after the IUI for treatments as well. All that heartache was finally replaced with a pregnancy. We are now expecting the joy of our second son to be born. Thank you so much Jen. -M.L.

The best massage- thank you for helping my right leg issues. And all the (self care) tips. I'll be foam rolling. See you post (race). –D

Awaken wellness is a very relaxing and professional environment. My wife and I completely enjoyed our massages. -D.G.

Besides acupuncture making a big difference with my back and shoulder I've noticed improvements in my energy level. Also, I feel as though I have increased control over my body. I'm convinced it was a great decision to start acupuncture. -T.B.

I just want to thank you Stephanie for the wonderful experience I had with my facial rejuvenation acupuncture sessions. When I look in the mirror now, I see a bright eyed, refreshed new look. My skin is smoother and I like what I see. The sessions also left me with a feeling of well being and a renewed balance from the stresses of everyday tasks. I highly recommend you and your expertise to anyone interested in holistic wellness and balance. - M.T.

My initial reason for trying acupuncture was to avoid surgery. I had pain in my left foot, left hip, and back. Acupuncture has been an educational experience for me. I'm learning to listen to my body and give it periods of rest throughout the day. I'm being kinder to myself. I am now walking/running 4 miles per day with no pain in my foot, hip, or back. The side benefits have been increased energy levels, full nights of sleep and the ability to fall back to sleep during the night with out medication. I have also had an acceptance of myself and allow myself to have limits and to set limits. -A.B.