We are now rewarding our students for doing what you already love to do: take classes and workshops at Awaken Wellness Yoga Studio!
Earn points for cash toward PerkvilleAWlogo more classes, workshops, that massage you’ve wanted, acupuncture or any of our great products. It’s super easy to earn rewards.

The Earning Perks

Online Signup                                                       2 points
Attend Class                                                         3 points
Attend Workshop                                               3 points
Mention us on Twitter                                         3 points
Sign up for Perkville                                         20 points
Refer a friend                                                    15 points

The Redeeming Perks

AW Yoga Studio credit    150 points
$30 AW Yoga Studio credit    300 points
$50 AW Yoga Studio credit    500 points


1.    Create a Perkville account, and look up Awaken Wellness to link your account.
       Note: Use the same e-mail for Perkville that you use at Awaken Wellness to schedule classes.
2.    Earn your points at AW Yoga Studio
3.    Redeem your points by logging into your Perkville account and click " Redeem " . You can print off the voucher or show us on your mobile phone to apply the credit.                                                                                                                                       perkvillegetstarted ashx

When you begin your practice at AW Yoga Studio, you will receive an e-mail from Perkville asking if you would like to participate in our rewards program. Just take a few minutes to set up a Perkville account. Current AW Yoga Studio students can sign up by going to Perkville’s website.
It’s like a frequent flyer program, where you can receive rewards for attending class, social media mentions, and even referring friends.

 Make sure you use the same e-mail for your Perkville account that you do at the studio. Want to update your e-mail you use at AW Yoga Studio? Just let us know and we will make that change.
 When earning points through Facebook or Twitter, make sure you are logged in through your Perkville account when making these social media posts for them to be eligible points.
 Referrals must be done through your Perkville account in order to earn your points. You receive points once your friend attends class and buys a pass at Awaken Wellness Yoga Studio.