Patients spend an hour and a half with an acupuncturist during the initial visit. During this time the patient has the opportunity to speak at length about his/her health concerns. This time is designed to enable the acupuncturist to assess the underlying cause of the patient’s condition. This will be done through an interview covering health, personal histories, and a physical exam. Following the exam an acupuncture treatment is performed. The sessions are always conducted in complete confidentiality. In the beginning, patients are seen in weekly, forty-five minute to one-hour sessions. Usually after 3-4 weeks, internal harmony is created and the patient experiences improvement in their condition and enjoys a greater sense of ease in life, after 4-6 weeks, treatments will be spaced out to every other week, every three weeks, monthly, and eventually seasonally. This will vary for each individual. Please download and complete the Acupuncture Intake Form and for your initial acupuncture appointment.