Pre registration is strongly recommended to reserve your place in class. If you are not signed in and the class is full you may be turned away. View and register for classes here. To save time once you arrive, download and complete our Yoga Liability Form.

Wear clothing you can easily move in – shorts, footless leggings or tights are best. Drink plenty of water before and after class, sip lightly during class. It is best not to eat a full meal for 3 hours prior to class; a light snack 2 hours ahead is fine.

Arrive 5-10 minutes ahead of class time to set up props and get settled. Yoga practice is done in bare feet on ‘sticky’ mats; mats are provided and you are welcomed to bring your own. You may wish to bring a small towel; we have been known to sweat a little!

Please refrain from wearing perfume or cologne to class. Please – no cell phones or pagers in class.

Inform your teacher of any injuries or illnesses you might have. It is always wise to consult your physician before starting any new exercise program. Always practice at your own level. Avoid overstretching or straining, and rest when you need to. Consult your teacher if you have any difficulties or experience any discomfort during your class.