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Our practitioners meet you where you are and are trained in complementing your medical fertility treatments. We work in partnership with your medical doctor in treating the mind, body and spirit. Our treatments do not replace Assisted Reproductive Therapy; rather they support our patients and the doctors to achieve better results with fewer side effects.

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Patients who are conceiving without medical intervention will find our services and practitioners knowledgeable and supportive. Our center brings tranquillity during this stressful time of pre-conception. Awaken Wellness practitioners have been offering complementary treatments specializing in fertility since 2006.

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Acupuncture helps with all phases of fertility from conception, through pregnancy, delivery, and post partum. For women seeking to conceive and to maintain a healthy pregnancy, acupuncture helps to increase blood flow and circulation to the uterus, balance hormones, strengthen the immune system, improves the success rates of IVF and IUI, and decrease the chance of miscarriage.

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese herbs have a long history of supporting fertility. In China, studies show that about 70% of all cases of infertility, male and female, when treated with Chinese herbs resulted in pregnancy or restored fertility.

Nurture the Mother Fertility Massage™

Our therapists are certified and highly experienced in a unique and effective massage protocol created by Claire Marie Miller who has over 32 year expertise in the field of pregnancy, fertility, labor, postpartum, and infant/child massage.


A personalized nutrition solution based on your life, your body, and your goals. Fertility Nutrition recommendations to enhance conception naturally.

Circle & Bloom

For the advanced medicated cycle.  IVF and IUIs is an involved complicated process that may make you feel overwhelmed.  This program allows time each day of your cycle to relax and use guided visualizations that work with your cycle to promote mind-body effectiveness.  Start today to feel in greater control over your fertility success. This program has 18 different audio mind-body programs with special sessions covering the trigger/egg extraction, transfer procedure and the two week-wait

Start today to feel in greater control over your fertility success. This program has 28 different audio mind-body programs designed to be listened to each day of your cycle.  15 minutes a day to relax and focus on your fertility success.

Use mind-body visualizations that are specifically designed for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome to promote hormonal balancing for reproductive health.  Listen to a special program for each day of your cycle.

This special pregnancy program is an essential addition to your prenatal toolkit for a healthy pregnancy and fearless delivery.  Reducing stress throughout your entire pregnancy should be as high on your priority list as taking your vitamins and eating well.  Our program gives you 15 minutes per day for yourself to use proven mind-body techniques to reduce stress, and best balance and prepare your body timed to the changes occurring during each of the trimesters.

PCOS for Health is for those wishing to address the symptoms of PCOS using guided visualization, including insulin sensitivity and reduction, weight-loss, reduction of male androgens to minimize excessive hair growth, healthy circulation and reduction of depression. The program consists of 5 tracks each covering a specific symptom of PCOS, designed to be listened to how often you wish, alternating the tracks as you see fit.

Having trouble sleeping or having enough energy to accomplish all of your goals?  This program is for you.  There are four unique mind-body guided visualizations that take you inside your body to help it find balance from a metabolism, endocrine and circulation perspective.  And then a special program designed to help you sleep soundly and deeply.

“After close to a year of fertility issues and dealing with a crazy cycle, I decided to try fertility acupuncture in order to help me get
pregnant and found Jen. With her patient guidance and helpful treatments my cycle became regulated enough to try IUI. We met
with her before and after the IUI for treatments as well. All that heartache was finally replaced with a pregnancy. We are now
expecting the joy of our second son to be born. Thank you so much Jen.”


“When my first IVF failed I knew I had to regroup and do things differently the next time. Acupuncture was a natural choice and I
was lucky to find a caring, well informed and detail oriented professional in Jennifer. The treatments helped me to relax and focus
on something that was enabling my body to conceive rather than worry about the IVF procedure. Each treatment was different,
something I hadn’t experienced before. Jennifer created treatments based on my symptoms with a wider focus on improving
fertility. I am now 25 weeks pregnant! I believe that Jennifer’s responsive treatments have a large role in this second IVF cycle being
a success.”


“Without Jen and her support I don’t know if I would have ever had a baby. When I started seeing Jen, she helped regulate my cycle
then when it was time to start fertility treatments she was there. Jen listens to your symptoms and then determines which points
she will focus on during your visit. No visit is the same. She has great knowledge of fertility and acupuncture and she made me a
true believer.”