Blue Heron Wellness to Awaken Wellness Transition

Packages will no longer be accepted as of October 1st 2022

Awaken Wellness understands that there is sadness around Blue Heron Wellness making the transition to close their doors. Our hope is that we can continue to provide you with a healing environment where you can continue your wellness care.

Below you will find answers to questions about your unused packages and how we are assisting Blue Heron Wellness.

1. Awaken Wellness will accept:

  • 80 clients who have packages – First Come First Served
  • A maximum of 2 services from the 60 or 90 minute massage packages
  • Acupuncture Packages will be accepted

2. Package expiration dates still apply. Awaken Wellness will not accept expired Massage or Acupuncture packages.

3. Blue Heron Gift Cards are not accepted.

4. Massage therapists Bisrat Abebe, Angela Walker and Michael Dedolph as well as Acupuncturist Sanford Lee and Nutritionist Bonnie Pace will continue their practice at Awaken Wellness.

5. How do I schedule my appointment?

  • Call us at 410-312-9922